The Need to Walk Away

When a partner faces a traumatic event by closing off the lines of communication, the relationship will eventually suffer. Many people are dedicated to reaching their isolated partner, and the difficulties they face are enormous. Seeking professional assistance might be the key to unlocking the barrier, but it could show them that their partner has changed a great deal. While they might be able to bridge the enormous gaps that have occurred, the need to walk away from their partner could be a painful decision they will need to make.

There are times when a single event can change a person greatly, and those in a relationship will find their partner no longer suits them. They have already been through too much, so ending the relationship is often beyond their own abilities. The one person who loves them most in the world will do whatever is necessary to reach them, but they might find the person is unwilling to heal the wounds and revive the relationship.

It takes a great deal for a person to leave a partner who is suffering, but there are times when it is necessary. Reaching out could cause their partner to react in a violent or abusive manner, and continuing to be the recipient of that treatment could become overwhelming. There is little or no reason to stay in that type of relationship, so an isolated person unwilling to change is often sealing their own fate.

The emotional turmoil generated by any difficult life event can wreak havoc on a relationship, but many of them will heal with time and understanding. For those who have no option but isolation, the love of their partner can often bring them back to a state of equilibrium. There will be some people who invest a great deal of time and effort only to find their best option is to walk away before they suffer too much damage.