The Effects of Neglect

There are many ways a relationship can become neglected, and it is often simply because life is overwhelming. Many couples who have been together for a while tend to settle down and have children. This is a natural progression of the relationship, but it can also be the cause of its demise. When children are born, they need assistance in every part of their life. The couple will give up everything to nurture their child, but they often accomplish it by neglecting their relationship.

As the years go by, many couples devote themselves to their children. This is a mistake, and they will often find they have no relationship once the children are grown. It may be difficult to do, but leaving a small child with a sitter for a night out is the best way to negate this effect. The couple will have a chance to see why they wanted to build a life together, and it will be healthier for their overall relationship.

Those who refuse to leave their children may find they are without a partner at some point, and they might make the mistake of blaming their partner. A person who is emotionally neglected will leave a relationship, and that is their right. While few parents would willingly neglect their children, they need to understand that children get along quite well without parents in constant attendance. Part of growing up is the act of growing away from parents, and this is a natural progression that should be honored. The children will gain self-esteem as they learn the limits of their independence, and the adults will find their relationship blooming again.

Being alone as an older person makes it difficult to start another relationship, but this is what occurs when people neglect their relationship to concentrate solely on their children. It is unhealthy and places an undue burden on the relationship, and it may emotionally stunt the children.