New Communication Avenues

Partners can become isolated from each other as their world moves forward at an increasing pace, and they might lose touch over time. Their ability to communicate without words might get better, but having a good conversation could become a distant dream. Being able to get through the morning rush or a crowded party will suit them well without words, but planning important changes for their future life requires that they find new communication avenues. Being unable to discuss the small details of life will keep them from being able to enjoy a happy life together.

While using words is important, it could be best for the couple to begin without them. They could exchange flowers or small gifts occasionally to just remind their partner they are present and caring. These need not be accompanied by written words, and they should be a pleasant surprise. For the person receiving it, there needs not be any reminder of a special anniversary or event they need to attend. The gift should be something that stands alone to say their partner has thought of them.

Progression into new avenues could come with creating a favorite meal that has long been thought of, and the person who receives this gift will know their partner has put effort into the relationship. They might reciprocate by getting tickets to a play or ballet performance they know their partner wants to attend. No words need to be traded in this instance, so it is a safe way to reach out.

As the couple moves through these new avenues, they will eventually find their vocal cords loosening. While they might have previously begun with tirades of inequities or failure, they are now able to speak to each other with kindness and compassion. Their new avenues have taken them back to where they are able to communicate in a positive way.